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  • Assisting with Negotiations and Communications -

                    Think of us as a mentor to coach you through this sometimes-adversarial process.

                    Most veterinarians accept lower salaries, and/or miss opportunities to favorably

                    modify their job description by not understanding the negotiation process.

  • Teaching You the Components of the Compensation Package -

                     Maternity/paternity leave, sick leave, health insurance, malpractice insurance,

                     disability insurance, retirement plans, profit-sharing, continuing education (days off,

                     travel, food, lodging, registration, timing, etc.) licensure, dues, local association

                     meetings, and more are part of the benefits and policies that must be evaluated

                     before you look at the money. Then you must understand the advantages and

                     disadvantages of salary vs. commission reimbursement systems


  • Explaining the Hiring Process -

                    Deciding what you want, choosing veterinary clinics to contact, interviews,

                    references, resume, negotiations, and contracts. All the components are important,

                    and mistakes you make at any level can keep you from getting the best veterinary

                    employment situation.    


  • Pre-screen Positions -

                     This prevents you from wasting your limited time and money interviewing at the

                     wrong veterinary practices. (Many have great sounding ads, and the initial contact

                     over the telephone sounds great.)


  • Veterinary Career Counseling -

                     Examine what you really need and want in your veterinary career, to determine the

                     range of positions that are right for you. 


  • Showing You How to Evaluate a Veterinary Employment Opportunity -

                     Every job has hidden pitfalls and advantages. The compensation package, job

                     description, location and facility must be evaluated relative to each other and to

                     your desires. No position is perfect; we will help you decide which is best for you!


  • Helping You Understand All the Aspects of Veterinary Job Descriptions -

                     Work hours, emergency duty, mentoring, species orientation, type of cases you will

                     see, work days, evening/weekend treatments, support staff, management

                     responsibilities, and marketing expectations are some of the more obvious factors.

                     Not understanding the real job description is another common mistake in the

                     veterinary employment process.


    "I benefited so much from signing up with LIGHTHOUSE. They honestly and realistically portrayed the job market and salary situation in the area. The time that LIGHTHOUSE spent reviewing my contract gave me a much better understanding of it and helped me to bargain better. I negotiated for another $500 in a signing bonus and $1500 for continuing education. I am extremely happy with the offer I signed and they helped me to get the extra money! Thanks!" 

    Bill Freeman, D.V.M., OSU '02, Medina, Ohio
    Our unique permanent veterinary employment program has many components. The needs and desires of each veterinarian dictate which ones we utilize:

    "LIGHTHOUSE was very helpful by getting me in touch with practices that were hiring in the area I was looking, especially when I had exhausted other options (journals, OSU veterinary school, etc.). Working with LIGHTHOUSE allowed me to work in clinics to see how things really ran." 
                Kim Kaufman, D.V.M. OSU '95,          

                Delaware, Ohio


    Each year we work with over a hundred associate veterinarians to assist them in the process of finding the "perfect job". After over 15 years in the veterinary personnel industry, and working in almost 400 veterinary practices we have developed a unique insight and philosophy: 








    This philosophy, along with the fact that Lighthouse is owned and run by veterinarians makes us unique in the veterinary industry. Further, there is NO CHARGE to associates for our services.