• Assist with negotiations and communications: (Hiring and Retention)


There are many levels of communication in the courtship of an associate, and we can guide you through them, often acting as a sounding board for each party. Job offers are an important aspect of this process, and we can help to craft acceptable proposals. Most associates are not comfortable with the negotiations. We facilitate communications during the negotiations phase, allowing you to reach an acceptable agreement with desirable associates.


  • Shorten the time and cost of hiring an associate: (Creating Value for your Practice)


There is no delay in waiting for advertisements to run, and we have veterinarians already in our system who are currently looking for a position. Running fewer ads, decreasing the time your clinic is understaffed, and avoiding mismatched candidates potentially saves you considerable time and money.


  • Try out prospective employees before offering them a position: (Recruiting, Hiring and Retention)


If the potential associate is available, we can often send them into your practice through our relief service. This trial allows you to better evaluate an associate's skills, potential, and personality in the actual work environment.


  • Practice evaluations to determine, identify and treat higher staff turnover.  (Hiring and Retention)


Many practice owners make the well-intentioned mistake of trying to fight a high turnover problem by inefficiently overcompensating in their recruiting and hiring systems.  Put another way, you may be treating the symptom instead of the disease. We are veterinarians, clinic owners, and employers of one of the largest staffs in the Midwest. Our management team's special insight can help you identify and solve your unique problems.

  •  Increased Recruitment: (Recruiting)


We recruit through a variety of mechanisms, such as direct mail, advertisements, direct recruiting at veterinary schools, and word-of-mouth. One of our most important tools are the contacts we have made during 15 years of business. Often these associate veterinarians will call us before starting a traditional job search, such as replying to journal advertisements. We then combine their desires with the opportunities available through our clients to "craft" a better match than either party could create independently.


  • Pre-screen applicants: (Recruiting and Hiring)


This prevents you from wasting your limited time interviewing the wrong associates. (Many doctors initially sound great, but aren't fundamentally suited to your practice.)


  • Help build competitive job descriptions: (Recruiting, Hiring and Retention)


Work hours, emergency duty, mentoring, species orientation, types of cases to be seen, work days, evening/weekend treatments, support staff, management responsibilities, and marketing expectations are some of the more obvious factors.


  • Create attractive, compensation packages: (Recruiting, Hiring and Retention)


Maternity/paternity leave, sick leave, health insurance, malpractice insurance, disability insurance, retirement plans, profit-sharing, continuing education (days off, travel, food, lodging, registration, timing, etc.) licensure, dues, and local association meetings, are some of the benefits and policies that associates consider when evaluating your position - often more than salary.

"Due to their years of experience in a number of practices, we feel they are uniquely qualified to provide this service. I only needed to interview one good person; (Lighthouse) evaluated the practice and the (our associate) veterinarian and found a good match."  

                                                      James Hearst, D.V.M., OSU '71

                                                      Cincinnati, Ohio

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How do I start the placement process?

There are many aspects to the recruiting, hiring and retention challenge, and the solutions are different for each practice. Typically, there are multiple problems, and one problem can impact multiple areas. Some of our services are briefly discussed below, as well as which of the problem areas they address:

How We Can Help Your Clinic:


Maintaining a staff of associate veterinarians may be the biggest challenge facing multiple-doctor practices over the next 10-20 years. We have studied successful personnel systems in our clients' practices for 15 years. Plus we solved these problems ourselves as we became one of the largest employers of veterinarians in the Midwest! 

Our Goal:
Our goal is to solve the personnel problems of veterinary employers, while concurrently working with associate veterinarians to find or create the perfect position. We are best understood as matchmakers, mentors, buffers and a catalyst to the employment process.

At Lighthouse Veterinary Personnel Services®, we realize that problems hiring associate veterinarians are actually a joint manifestation of three separate components: Recruiting, Hiring and Retention.

We assess your clinic's needs and problems then craft a plan specifically for your situation. In other words, first we diagnose the problems you are having, and then we customize a treatment plan that meets your specific needs. Our philosophy makes us unique in the personnel industry. To understand a little better, let's examine the three general problem areas that create the "symptom" of a staff shortage:


Recruiting: This is getting the right message to the type of associate you need, in such a way that motivates them to examine employment with your clinic. A common sign of a problem in this area is a lack of good applicants for your positions.
Hiring: There are a number of components that come together to take a promising recruit and transition them into a new associate: good job descriptions, benefits plans, compensation packages, interview techniques, follow-up conversations, job offers, negotiations, employment contracts and employee manuals. Signs of problems in this area include: associates that call about positions then either don't come for an interview, or ultimately decline employment offers, as well as hiring associates that you know are wrong for the position.
Employee Retention: It does little good to recruit and hire associates if they quickly leave your practice. This rapid turnover is disastrous from a practice growth and financial standpoint. The problems that cause this scenario can be, and often are, complex and difficult to identify. Being veterinarians, as well as having one of the largest staffs in the Midwest gives our management team a special insight to identify and solve your clinic's unique problems.
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