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For many associates, their ultimate goal is veterinary clinic ownership. For those willing to take on the challenge of learning to run a business, there are a number of advantages:

  • Control of medical and practice style
  • Increased income
  • Equity build-up and growing net worth
  • New challenges

On the other hand, the transition to veterinary clinic ownership can present many significant obstacles, such as:

  • Veterinary practice evaluation (The subjective assessment of a veterinary practice's intangible characteristics.)
  • Veterinary practice valuation (Determining how much a veterinary practice is worth.)
  • Locating a viable, reasonably priced veterinary practice to purchase
  • Finding adequate funds for a down payment and qualifying for a loan
  • Developing a business plan that allows for adequate personal income from the onset
  • Veterinary demographic analysis
  • Managing the transition to veterinary clinic ownership
  • Setting up and developing business systems
  • Learning to manage employees
  • Deciding if a veterinary clinic start-up is the best avenue for you

We work with veterinarians who want to be practice owners to facilitate ownership-level situations. Obviously each one of these situations is custom-crafted to a given clinic purchase, the financial position of the owning veterinarian, and our level of involvement. We can become a non-managing partner, or simply be a veterinary consultant to you as you work through the process of veterinary clinic ownership.