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We are available to work with your team to develop personnel systems that strengthen your practice. Many of our services are discussed in the previous section as part of the solutions to problems in hiring associates. However, we may be especially useful to your practice if you are experiencing high staff turnover. You may also find our service valuable as you face unique situations or important decisions.

Some areas we may help you:

  • Evaluating your practice to determine causes of, and possible solutions to high staff turnover
  • Developing winning compensation packages and benefit programs.
  • Developing winning associate job descriptions.
  • Development of associate contracts and employee manuals.
  • Consulting on individual personnel problems.
  • Other issues or questions arising in your veterinary practice.
    (Our management team is comprised entirely of practicing veterinarians, and we have personally worked in over 200 veterinary clinics. We are also clinic owners, as well as one of the largest veterinary employers in the Midwest. This experience often lends itself well to creating real-world solutions to real-world problems.)
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