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"Lighthouse is a good company to work for - they have been honest and fair . . . It is the only job I could have that would give me as much flexibility as I have - and there aren't a lot of jobs where you can earn a good living and have flexibility too!"  

                                                              Ann Selby, D.V.M., OSU '90

                                                              Lighthouse Associate Veterinarian

                                                              since 1991

  • 401k Retirement Plan
  • Group C.E. Trips (Past trips include visits to Cancun, Mexico, Grand Bahamas, Costa Rica, Riviera Maya, Bermuda, Disney, and the Dominican Republic - all expenses paid)
  • Paid Commuting Time
  • Expense Reimbursements for all Relief Travel Including Mileage
  • Health Insurance Plan
  • Each Job Description is Custom-designed
  • Premium Salaries
  • Hourly or Salary Plans
  • "Normal" Professional Benefits (professional dues, DEA number, malpractice insurance, state licenses, etc.)

Working with Lighthouse as a relief veterinarian does require a few things that may make it the wrong choice for some people. This isn't to say that you can't be a relief veterinarian without one or more of these items, but it may not be as rewarding to you, and there may be better ways that we can help you. The items to consider are:

  • Experience - Generally at least 2 years of well-rounded clinical work
  • Positive Attitude
  • Solid surgical skills
  • Flexible attitude toward using different protocols and equipment
  • A somewhat flexible personal schedule to adapt your work hours (on the days you choose to work) to those needed in a veterinary clinic
  • A pleasant personality
  • Good communication skills

Lighthouse relief veterinarians enjoy some of the best job descriptions, compensation packages and benefit plans in veterinary medicine. Some features include: 

We pride ourselves on personality and the ability to communicate professionally!

Part of our relief staff at a recent company retreat in Hocking Hills, Ohio


Working as a relief veterinarian with Lighthouse Veterinary Personnel Services® can be the best short or long-term career option for the experienced veterinarian.

The benefits of veterinary employment with Lighthouse are tremendous, they include:

  • Control of your life!
  • Top pay for the time worked
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Customized job descriptions
  • Unbeatable education in veterinary business
  • Invaluable veterinary medical experience
  • No on-call emergencies
  • No hospitalized cases
  • An opportunity to meet lots of new people
  • A high level of respect and appreciation for the job you do

We also have programs for veterinarians who want to do relief work, while also dealing with other situations, such as:


  • Veterinarians that are between "regular" veterinary employment situations -


            Our short-term plans can take the financial pressure off of the job search, and allow you the time to find the right veterinary position.  Many veterinarians work with us as short-term relief veterinarians, while concurrently utilizing our Placement Program to find the perfect long-term veterinary employment.


  • Veterinarians who are moving toward veterinary clinic ownership or are in the process of a veterinary clinic start-up -


          This process can take anywhere from a few months to well over two years.  This creates quite a dilemma:  You can't afford to be unemployed during this time, but due to the uncertainty of your personal timeline you really can't commit to a normal veterinary associate positions.  You also don't want to be confined by a restrictive covenant that may preclude you from buying a desirable practice.  A short-term, but open-ended, tenure as a relief veterinarian is the perfect answer, and it also brings the added advantage of numerous practice experiences that will be priceless as you set-up our own veterinary practice.  You may also choose to utilize our veterinary clinic ownership plans link.


  • Some veterinary people are not comfortable committing to an employment-level relief position without previous relief experience as a relief veterinarian. -


         This is understandable, work as a relief veterinarian is a change, and in many ways it sounds too good to be true.  You may choose to start in a more short-term capacity, and then transition into regular veterinary employment as a Lighthouse relief veterinarian after you see what being a relief veterinarian is like.


  • Some veterinarians have other commitments in their lives that make it difficult to craft even a part-time position around their limited and/or changing availability. -


          In essence, they wish to be a relief veterinarian on a limited and variable basis.


  • Associate veterinarians working in "regular" practices or residences who wish to make additional income on their days off. -


           The size of our veterinary relief service allows us to both find odd days to fit your availability, and provide veterinary relief work that is outside of your restrictive covenant.


  • Veterinary practice owners who wish to supplement their income. -


            This is most common during start-up and expansion phases of veterinary clinic ownership, especially when there are multiple partners or associates splitting a limited caseload.

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