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Chart & Stethoscope


Lighthouse works with veterinarians who want to be practice owners to facilitate ownership situations. Each one of these situations is custom-crafted to a given clinic purchase, the financial position of the owning veterinarian, and our level of involvement.

Benefits that we offer those searching to buy a clinic include the following:

  • Locating a viable, reasonably priced veterinary practice to purchase or evaluating the viability of a startup

  • Veterinary practice evaluation and valuation

  • Finding adequate funds for a down payment and qualifying for a loan

  • Developing a business plan that allows for adequate personal income from the onset

  • Veterinary demographic analysis

  • Managing the transition to veterinary clinic ownership

If owning a clinic is of interest to you, or you'd like to discuss the options available through Lighthouse, please call us at

614-891-3800, or email us at

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