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Relief is here.

Your key in matching desires of veterinarians with practices in a mutually beneficial employer-employee relationship

Our Mission

To provide a simple and dependable source of personable, experienced doctors to veterinary practices.


The staff at Lighthouse is great-you really can tailor your own schedule.  They are fun, friendly, professional and supportive.  

—  Dr. Curry

Looking to be the change?

Between choosing your job description, having a team for mentoring, collab, and questions, and not having to worry about the business part of practicing, you can be confident and enjoy practicing vet medicine!

Salaries start at $112K-$136K with health insurance, paid mileage, and paid license/DEA certificate. Click the button below to learn more about what makes us a unique and robust place to work since 1988!

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Associate Veternarians

Searching for relief?

Enjoy a peace of mind knowing that we have your back for whatever life throws your way! Since 1988, we have screened, hired, mentored, and fostered continuous learning with seasoned veterinarians to give a hand with a variety of practices. Some examples aid that we specialize in are:

  • Vacations

  • Maternity/Paternity leaves

  • Long term illness/ recovery time

  • Appointment or surgery backlogs

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Clinics needing relief
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