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Established in 1988, Lighthouse Veterinary Personnel Services has been serving the Midwest for over 30 years. Founded by veterinarians, managed by veterinarians and serving veterinarians, we offer a step above.


Our relief veterinarians are rigorously screened for not only solid medical and surgical skills, but for the equally important qualities of personality, flexibility and adaptability. Each associate is interviewed to discover their skills and talents, trained in the specifics of relief work, and actively mentored throughout their tenure with us.


Further setting us apart from other services, our doctors make every effort to familiarize themselves with the information provided by practices before they arrive. Having a basic understanding of staffing, anesthetic and vaccine protocols, and the products and services offered by each clinic  helps facilitate the most seamless transition for both the practice and the relief veterinarian.


Along with providing clinics with long and short term relief, Lighthouse also offers a permanent placement program for those searching for an associate.

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